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AAI Capital is a direct private lender that specializes in providing financing for commercial real estate in secondary and tertiary markets.

We are hard money direct lenders. However, we are more than just hard money lenders. We are your partner and will work together to ensure a successful real estate transaction.

We streamline the process to make it quick and easy allowing you to close your transaction in a short time period.

Creative solutions.

We'll find a way to finance your deal.


AAI Capital was founded in 2022 to help service the private lending needs in secondary and tertiary markets. We come from a long history of lending. We ourselves have been bankers, brokers, borrowers and investors. With over 50+ years of combined real estate and commercial lending experience, we understand all aspects of the deal.

Our sister company, AAI Financial was founded in 2017 and has closed over $320MM since inception. Our experience with AAI Financial not only helps us understand a good deal when we see one but also the deals to avoid for our investors. As well as know how to provide assistance and guidance to our borrowers and help secure an exit strategy to permanent financing.

Our Team

Partnering with AAI Capital for your real estate financing means leveraging our industry expertise and streamlined processes to close quickly and capitalize on opportunities. Meet our team members to learn more about us and how we are the perfect partner for your investments.

Our Process

1. Application & Quote

You will submit an application or complete our online request and provide supporting documents.

2. Preliminary Loan Terms

Please provide a letter of intent of loan terms to borrower.

3. Underwriting

  • In-house vacation of subject property
  • In-house rehab or construction budget review (if applicable)
  • Preliminary title
  • Approve final loan terms and provide client with commitment letter

4. Closing

  • Prepare Loan Docs
  • Place property insurance
  • Clear title issues
  • Sign, close, and fund

Loan Types

We provide loans for clients in a variety of situations. If you are looking for a quick closing or your deal is unique, we are your lender. Our focus is on the following loan types:

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Rehab and Renovation
  • Ground-Up Construction
  • Bridge

Property Types

At AAI Capital, our lending focus and expertise is with the following property types:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Multi-Family
  • Self-Storage
  • Single-Family Spec Construction
  • Retail
  • Fix and Flip

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